Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Coronado Sandman

Driving along First Street this morning I saw the Sandman approaching, and whipped out my camera to get a picture.

The Sandman is a talented local artist who creates impressive works of art out of sand.  Yep, just sand.  They blow away quickly, so you have to appreciate them in the moment as they disappear in a day or two.

The Sandman is a dapper dresser as you can see, riding his bike through the streets of Coronado on his fully equipped bike.  

I have to explain the blurry photo - there's a lot of motion going on here - Sandman was in motion, I was driving, and my arm was moving trying to turn on the camera and take the photo before the opportunity passed.  Thank goodness for my trusty Canon G11!


  1. This is sooo strange because I came to your blog today to tell you I spotted him doing his magic on Orange Ave! I took some photos of him as he started but I was not able to get the design in my shot. He was making flowers. He sings while he works as I was sitting at a red light listening. :)

  2. Wanted to add that there is a Coronado Sandman MySpace page with photos of his work. :)