Monday, May 9, 2011

Nature's Gift On Mothers Day

These two baby pigeon chicks hatched in our backyard just in time for Mother's Day!

They're not as pretty as their mom yet, but they've already won my heart.  I think they hatched on Sunday morning, but it could have been the night before.  They spend most of their time huddled under their mother's breast, which is wise since our weather has suddenly turned chilly.

Hope you had a Mother's Day that was just right for you!  We went to church, followed by a delicious brunch, then came home to discover the pigeons had hatched in our lemon tree.  That's a perfect day in my book.

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  1. So sweet! We have had some mother doves nesting in our yard too, but they seem to love nesting under the roof tiles. I've seen more birds this year than ever!