Wednesday, June 8, 2011

View From The Top

I shot this photo of Coronado last week from Symphony Tower in downtown San Diego.  It gives you a good idea of how close Coronado is to San Diego.  Point Loma is the finger of land you see in the distant right.  The San Diego Bay looks narrow enough to swim across, doesn't it?

The key to San Diego's charm is that so many of its neighborhoods have retained their original personalities.  Just spend time in North Park, Imperial Beach, Hillcrest, Pacific Beach or Little Italy and see for yourself.

Okay, back to Coronado; in this shot you can see a bit of the Coronado Bridge on the left, then The Shores condominiums - the only tall buildings permitted in Coronado.  If you look closely just to the right of that, you can spot the Hotel Del Coronado between the the matching San Diego high rise buildings.  Orange Avenue, Coronado's main street is between the two shorter silver colored buildings.  

Before the bridge was built in 1969, the Coronado Ferry docked at the foot of Orange Avenue.  There is now a lovely green space in that location called Centennial Park, where the original Ferry Ticket Booth sits amidst roses.  Hint: Centennial Park is a wonderful spot for taking photos!

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  1. Great shot. I haven't been here for a while and when I saw your blog in my side-bar, I just had to pop on over. My husband remembers taking that ferry.