Saturday, October 16, 2010

Behind Bars

I found this heart melting bunch outside Boney's Bayside Market today.  The contrast of their little angel faces behind bars made them an easy choice for today's post.

The first photo is of either Chuck or Norris, two brother cats that look exactly alike to me.

The second photo is Harley, a male cat with hypnotic eyes.

These sweet cats are all up for adoption through PAWS (Pacific Animal Welfare Society) of Coronado, a fabulous organization that facilitates the adoption of homeless pets, and promotes public awareness and education regarding animal welfare issues.

Did you know that one unneutered male cat, and one unspayed female cat equals 420,000 cats in just 7 years?  I learned this reading about PAWS' "A Litter Free Coronado" program.  Get those kitties fixed!

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