Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Foot Prints In The Sand

I'm in a contemplative mood today, so walk with me a moment.

Some days our beaches are alive with sunseekers, families carrying loads of supplies, barely clad young adults, checking each other out then glancing away, retired folks in no rush, and mom's like me who cannot bear to put the camera down.  You name it, they're all here on a warm day.  Those are fun times to "people watch," but what is left after everyone is gone? 

Foot prints.

Every type from the tiny dents left by toddlers' feet to great big daddy feet.

Then when the day is over, the local fauna comes out, looking for bits of food left behind.  Those are the foot prints I photographed above. 

The top photo was taken by the San Diego Bay at the Ferry Landing in morning light.  The bottom photo is Coronado Beach in the early evening.  Funny, I never noticed the difference in sand color before.

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