Friday, February 11, 2011

Coronado Flower Lady

The Coronado Flower Lady is a local gem, brightening Rotary Plaza at the corner of Orange and Park Avenue daily.

I peddled by for a photo this morning as the stand was being set up - there are many more flowers on display when they are open for business.

This is a great spot to rest your feet and take in life in Coronado as it passes by.


  1. What a lovely perspective of Coronado. The next time I go to Coronado I will be sure to stop by The Flower Lady.

  2. Beautiful! Are we still seeing you tomorrow?
    I'll be there from 10-12 and then I'll be gone for 2 hours. Back from 2-6. Hope to see you!


  3. I see you're enjoying the same fabulous weather we have. Nothing like flowers to brighten the day.

  4. Well, discovering your blog just absoluely made my day! I too love the island and used to call Coronado my home. I now live in a far off land called - Maine! I love quaint New England but sure do miss Coronado and her charm. I am excited to look through your past posts and look forward to checking back daily! What a great idea for those of us who will always have a spot for Coronado in our hearts :) Thank you!Carrie Cieliczka