Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Old Coronado Ferry Ticket Booth

Here's the original ferry boat ticket booth, glowing in this morning's light.  Located at Centennial Park on First and Orange Avenue, this was the site of the Coronado Ferry Landing from 1886 until 1969 when the Coronado Bridge was built.

A bit of trivia:  In the book In Love and War, by Jim and Sybil Stockdale, there is a description of Sybil waiting right here for an early morning ferry in the 1960's, when her husband Jim was a prisoner of war in Vietnam.


  1. Never checked out Centennial Park on our last trip there. I will have to keep it in mind for the next one. Lovely photo with the city in the background.

  2. I had no idea. I need to start reading fiction set in Coronado. I know there's a bit out there.