Monday, January 24, 2011

Bay View Park At Sunset

This was the scene at Bay View Park at around 5:30 tonight.  I thought I'd soak up the ambiance by myself, but others had the same idea.

A woman ate an ice cream bar (chocolate I think) while watching the light fade to dusk, and a Snowy Egret shuffled along the edge of the bay in search of dinner.

It's hard to tell a Snowy Egret from a Great Heron, but a quick internet search taught me the Snowy Egret is smaller, has golden feet, and shuffles on the edge of the water to churn up his food.  The Great Heron is larger with black feet, stands perfectly still, then strikes quickly when a fish comes along.

Good to know.


  1. Hi Barb

    So nice to 'meet you.' I am now following your blog and I will add it to my blog list so that others can enjoy your lovely photos! And you are right about it being great connecting with other fellow Coronado bloggers!