Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Last Breakfast

Today is the Beach-n-Diner's last day of business, and my family and I are already feeling the loss.  It is the perfect family restaurant, with something for everyone and a fun, kid-friendly atmosphere.  

Beach-n-Diner has been our Sunday morning ritual for many years now - Go to church, then stroll over to the diner for omelets, pancakes; anything you please.  The service was always cheerful, relaxed and welcomed children, which was good, because lots of them like to eat there!

Goodbye Beach-n-Diner, we will miss you!


  1. i like it,,, ilike it aLOT... reminds me of this little diner my grandma used to take me to for a treat on Saturday shopping day! thanks i needed that!

  2. I have ate their before! I hate so bad it's closing. It is a great place! Happy New Year to you too! Love, You Blog Buddy in AR

  3. That makes me sad! I hate to see small businesses go!

    Got the You Tube of the artist in Paris... loved it. So cool to see how someone can live that way and be really happy about it.

    Inspiring! Thank you for the link.

  4. I can't wait to see what the next place is going to be like. I heard they have plans for a "lounge" hmmmm...